Services OMEGA Offers

We offer a range of home inspection services that can fit your needs. Whether you are buying, selling, building or currently own a home,
we can help!

   Buyer’s Inspection

We provide an objective, non-biased evaluation of the overall condition of the property with your best interests being our only concern.

We identify potential problems and/or safety issues and provide you with the accurate information required for you to enter into this important financial decision with full confidence.

Buying a house is part of the American dream, let us help you make that dream a reality.

    Pre-Listing Inspection

A pre-listing inspection shows a potential buyer that everything possible has been done to reveal any defects in the home.
We provide a fully disclosure non-biased, objective evaluation of the overall condition of the property. OMEGA Services will reduce the time and hassle of after negotiations by identifying problems that could surface when the buyer has their own home inspection performed.
We understand selling a home is a huge financial undertaking. Our top priority is providing you with the knowledge and reassurance needed so that you can best serve your client’s during this important time in their life. Long after the inspection is completed we will be there to answer any questions that may arise..

      Builder’s Warranty Inspection

If you have purchased a new home in the last year you should consider having a Builder’s Warranty Inspection before you reach the end of your one-year home warranty. We can perform a warranty inspection for construction defects or any issues that may be covered by the builder’s warranty. Your builder’s warranty covers a great many items and systems in your home which may develop issues during this period. These types of issues are common. Certain minor cosmetic glitches are the result of the natural settling of the structure and can easily be fixed by the builder.

It is a good idea to present the warranty inspection report to the builder so that any defects or concerns that may be discovered during the inspection can be addressed before the end of your warranty.

Protect your investment and call us today to schedule your Builder’s Warranty Inspection. Time is running out! Once the anniversary of your closing date has passed, your builder may not be responsible for many of the items that may be found.

Typical problems found in new homes include:
  • Improperly installed or damaged exterior siding
  • Damaged doors and windows
  • Door or Widows not closing correctly
  • Roofing materials and flashing improperly installed
  • Electrical outlets not ungrounded
  • plumbing leaks
  • cosmetic drywall damage (nails headers showing)