What to Expect from OMEGA Services?

So you have found a house that seems like it has possibilities. Now you need to be aware of it's obvious deficiencies. You can do your own initial inspection by using this checklist ,this will give you a better ideal about your prospect.

If you have too many of these obvious deficiencies it may or may not be a reason to reconsider the house depending on your purpose for the property.

Once you have made a decision, you need a professional inspector to insure that all aspects of the home features are explored and any additional deficiencies are uncovered before you close the deal. We adhere to the InterNACHI Code of ethics and State of Virginia

Reliable, Dependable services with you in mind

Below is a brief break down of what you can expect from our inspection:

Complete evaluation of appliances, all accessible electrical receptacles, switches & fixtures, and all electrical panels

Test all plumbing fixtures & water treatment systems, along with water pressure observation and examination of the water heater and all visible supply & waste lines

Operate heating and air-conditioning systems, checking for air flow & proper temperature, looking at ductwork connections, the outer examination of air handlers and outside condenser units of heat pumps, boilers and furnaces

Operate all accessible doors and windows for proper function

Check the attic for structural, ventilation, insulation, and moisture problems

Evaluate the exterior of the house, including the roof

Inspect the crawlspace for structural problems, plumbing leaks, electrical problems, and moisture issues.

Please Note:
Water is tested for bacteria only. This test usually is arranged and paid for by the seller, this also includes septic system and termite inspection. We will note these issues on your report, but make no claim as termite inspectors.

Finally, if your prospective home is on a septic system the seller arranges the septic inspection. It is now a state law that requires septic tanks be pumped out every five years.